We Provide Counselling And Psychotherapy.
We use best practices with our clients.
We support people living with a number of complex conditions.
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Welcome to Revibe Counselling Services LLP. We are committed to assist our clients to conquer, achieve, and enhance quality of life.

Why do people come to therapy?

Because mental health matters...

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Most times our mental health feels well balanced; and we are able to manage all of life’s challenges and obstacles.  

Sometimes, we can get stuck; and struggle to see a way forward. Our mental health doesn’t remain the same all of the time and therapy can help when you are feeling “low”, “depressed”, “anxious”, “overly worried”, “unmotivated” or other such feeling. 

In such times talking to a trained professional can help. Revibe Counselling Services provides you the opportunity to connect with many trained & experienced professionals.

Why us?

Our Reach:

Revibe Counselling Services (RCS) provides worldwide counselling and psychotherapy sessions via voice and video calling (in English and Hindi languages). We also provide you highly personalized and private sessions including services to corporates and other organizations.

Our Approach:

To us, it’s not just work – we take pride in the support we provide. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavors and aren’t satisfied until we meet our own personal high standards.

Best Practice:

We pride ourselves on client-centred approaches focused on facts. This means that we are compassionate, non-judgmental and committed to enhancing your experiences in your daily life.

We Create Balance:

We acknowledge that our personal lives are affected by what happens at work, and vice versa. Therefore, we collaborate with our clients proactively to help them grow professionally,  socially and individually.

We Respect Everyone:

Our focus is on you, the client, and we are proud of our cultural sensitivity level. We rely on your interests and values-not ours.

Pooja Kaushik

A member of “Association of Indian School & University Counselors and Allied Professionals (AISUCAP)”. Guidance and counseling from The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)..............

Shubh Ambhoj

A registered Life Member with “Counsellor Council of India (CCI)” and a member of “Association of Indian School & University Counselors and Allied Professionals (AISUCAP)”..............

Aparna soni

Guidance and counseling from The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)...............

For adolescents:

According to WHO, Adolescence (10-19 years) is a crucial period for developing and maintaining social and emotional habits important for mental well-being. An estimated 10-20% of adolescents globally experience mental health conditions, yet these remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. We Help Adolescents in finding out the right balance at this Crucial Period.

for adults:

As adults, we are at the higher risk of developing Mental Health problems due to increased stress in our day to day life. In today's fast pacing life, we want to achieve so many things that we forget to sit back and relax. Our work places are turning into a fighting pit where we compete with one another. Our responsibility towards family and urge to met every goal also adds in it. Specially older adults who suddenly are out of work due to retirement and/or other factors are at a much more higher risk. We help adults deal with every major to minor issues.

for couples & families:

Our families and our love life is very important to us, specially for our support and our growth. However, some times we found ourselves at risk of ripping it apart and we wonder what is happening to this beautiful family of ours. Here at Revibe Counselling Services we work with you and your family to find out and help you rebuild the relationships. We work for your families happiness.

for work places & corporate:

Our work place is where we spend our most productive time. We socialize, learn and grow at our work place. However, some times these places face a grave issue of toxic atmosphere where social harmony get disturbs by unknown factors. We help corporate houses to find out what or where the problem is, we help them in formulating plans for fixing the same. We also help Corporates and employees with work place counselling, EAP Counselling and many more services.

for students:

As students, especially in field of psychology and mental health, one always seeks for learning opportunities. Here at Revibe Counselling Services, we help student and young aspiring psychologists in their hunger for knowledge by engaging them in various educational seminars, webinars and lectures. We also provide them various internship opportunities.


Nature of Treatment will be: (i) Evaluation and treatment planning: Approximately 1-3 sessions, (ii) Intervention: Depends on many factors, such as the nature of your difficulties and readiness for change, (iii) Termination: Approximately 1-2 sessions, involves developing a “toolbox” of strategies that may be used to help you maintain your treatment gains and reduce the likelihood of relapse and/or reoccurrence. Treatment effectiveness varies from person to person. Discussing, working with, and changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours may be painful and challenging at times.

At present we provide in-person counselling & psychotherapy at our Clinic situated at MEERUT.

We also provide Telephonic / Video call counselling to the world in English and Hindi Languages.

In English and Hindi langauges.

Highly personalized and/or private sessions are available for special clients who wants world class service at their doorsteps. For this we charge based on total time involved as well as other expenses paid by clients.

RCS follows standard protocols use by multiple countries to deal with client information and keep all data highly confidential.

Psychological records may include items such as personal information, progress notes, and evaluations, and will be shredded 7 years after your file has been closed. No information about you can be released to a third party without your prior written consent, or verbal consent in the case of an emergency. 

Exceptions include:

(1) when children are under 14 years of age, and their parents/legal guardians want access to the file, (2) risk of imminent danger, such as suicide, death, risk of a child running away, or serious bodily harm to an identifiable person or group, (3) suspected or known abuse or neglect of a child or older adult, (4) unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, (5) requests ordered by a court of law or by the Police with a written request, or (6) access is required by other personnel (e.g., administrative staff) to carry out their professional duties. Therapists must, as soon as the interest of their client so requires, receive supervision, consult another therapist, a member of another professional order, or another competent person. Disclosure of identifying information will be minimized, and names will not be released without consent. 

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